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3rd Molar Extraction

The extraction of the mandibular third molar is the most frequent intervention in oral surgery and it is sometimes associated with less or more severe complications. Among these, the most dangerous is the damage to the inferior alveolar nerve.In the last decades, thanks to the improved expertise in identifying risky cases and the refinement of surgical techniques, the prevalence of complications has been progressively reduced.The present paper describes a rational approach to the surgical extraction of the mandibular third molar, in order to limit surgical complications.

As to the method, several factors contribute to the clinical success, just like:

  • A correct pre-operative diagnosis
  • A rational choice of surgical instruments
  • A minimally invasive surgical technique

The last two points are closely interdependent.

Pre-operative diagnosis

The diagnosis includes:

  • study of indications and contraindications for surgery.
  • Risk and difficulty assessment.
  • Intervention planning.

Nowadays, since the OPG does not allow to establish the bucco-lingual position of roots and neurovascular bundle, in particular cases it is possible to recur to 3D imaging, particularly to Cone Beam technology.

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